Chalmes Snyder


To the editor:

This is in reference to a letter (The Examiner, Aug. 16, “Tea Party takes aim at the middle class”) by Terry Flower of Independence. Terry rants about the existence of the evil rich. Seems to me that Terry should take another sip of Kool-Aid. He seems to be victim of class warfare.

The Koch brothers he detests employ thousands of workers of all trades and professions, and I’m sure other hundreds of thousands are employed as a result of spin-off from their ventures. I have never been employed by a poor person, and I have no problem with being rich, which I am not, but I know they are not lazy folks. Our founding fathers were men of wealth.

About the Tea Party being funded by the Koch brothers, what about the support George Soros gives to the progressives in support of their assaults on our Constitution. As a member of the Tea Party, I challenge anyone to prove that we intend to pollute the earth or starve babies and the like. We believe in eliminating government inefficiency, waste and fraud, etc.

Most of our taxes are being wasted on improperly managed welfare programs. A vast number of people are held hostage as a result. The way these programs are structured these people can’t afford to take jobs, and it has become a generational thing in some instances. These programs are also good vote buyers. Our government seems to stifle self-reliance.

As for capitalism, we are still the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world because of it. Henry Ford created an industry that provided jobs and benefits for hundreds of thousands of employees, and related businesses. Our government could not have accomplished that. The private sector is by far more efficient than government.