It's getting fun.

We know Miami agreed. Branden Albert wants a deal worth $50 million plus. Shocker, but the Dolphins like something about Albert that they didn't with Jake Long. Long signed a lesser deal with the St. Louis Rams that Miami said no to.

It's like the football gods are smiling on the KC Chiefs, because most everything has went Kansas City's way... which is a team accepting Albert's ridiculous asking price and Kansas City getting back into the second round. Some feel Albert is truly a top 12-15 tackle, but hey... have fun with that Miami.

But wait! There's more!

Not sure what this one's about, because most think Floyd wouldn't fit the 3-4.

"It could very easily mean nothing, but draft-week maneuvering is always more noteworthy than the months of visits and speculation that comes before it," says "Floyd wouldn't be an inconceivable reach at No. 1, but it could be a sign the Chiefs believe they're in position to trade down. Floyd could go in the top-five, but may free-fall if he gets past Oakland at No. 3. Floyd isn't a good fit for 3-4 defenses."

No offense Mr. Dorsey, but Chief fans have had the square pegs... looking for the perfect fit.

Not fitting the defense was the knock on departed Glenn Dorsey. Mike DeVito (a guy who wasn't drafted) will fill Dorsey's spot, but DeVito is a 3-4 guy.

"Floyd could line up as a defensive end in the five-technique and be okay, but Floyd doesn't possess the length, or motor I am looking for in a defensive end," said "He plays too high at times, has short arms and can be bodied up by offensive linemen after initial contact.

"Floyd was beaten consistently by Larry Warford in the Kentucky match up, and despite his impressive quickness, he wasn't a skilled pass rusher. I am also concerned with his inability to stay on the field. Floyd played in less than 70% of the Gators' defensive snaps in 2012 and that isn't what you want out of player that you're likely to take at seventh overall."


"Are the Chiefs preparing to shock the world with the No. 1 pick when most predict Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher will be selected?" ...Asked

Ah, I hope not!

Good day, Chiefs fans!