What was lacking last season besides scoring, consistency and wins?


Promotes motivation, clarifies goals and helps with areas to improve. A source of information, feedback. Alter's individual attitudes, i.e., a well informed person will have a better attitude than a less-informed one. Chemistry. The presence of another helps foster communication. It's hard to win without team. Controls the process. Without communication the plan doesn't work.


When I talk about it, I do my job better. Things get fixed with effective communication.

Fundamentals break down with no communiqué.

The talent is there for the Kansas City Chiefs, but what to do with that talent hasn't been. Last season the players kept saying they had to get better, to do better, but they had nobody telling them how.

Players weren't talking to each other.

Communication is part of being a good teacher, something that Clark Hunt said he wanted with his new head coach. Andy Reid is known for being a teacher, communicator and motivator.

Reid has already begun to alter how players talk to each other.

I noticed while attending the Chiefs 2013 draft party that something was different about the locker room.

Players have been moved.

I've been covering the Chiefs now for the Independence Examiner going on four seasons, Reid has changed the locker room arrangement from the way Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel had it.

With Haley and Crennel player lockers were where they wanted to be, there was no rhyme or reason for why a players locker was located where it was.

Never made sense to me why Justin Houston was across the room away from teammate and fellow linebacker Tamba Hali who had his locker by the door.

The locker room isn't a quiet place, hard to communicate that away.

As fans took pictures excited about seeing Derrick Johnson's shoulder pads and posing in front of Dwayne Bowe's locker I noticed players had been rearranged by positions.

Linebackers are with linebackers, receivers with receivers and tight ends with tight ends.

The last two seasons the only position that was that away was kicker Ryan Succop and punter Dustin Colquitt.

Talking to somebody who works for the Chiefs, it's a lot more like Dick Vermeil had it when he was here. Instead of Hali being across the room Reid has him next to Houston... all the linebackers are. Every position is with their position.

It's part of that systematic approach the players say Reid has. It makes sense that a player should be next to a fellow player playing at that same position.

When they're getting dressed for practice they're talking, when they're on the field practicing they're talking, when they come back to change they're talking and on the way out the door they're talking.

Result? A whole lot more communicating than there has been over the last several seasons.

Marty Schottenheimer was a great communicator, a big strength of his coaching his team. Dick Vermeil had his offense on the same page.

My hope is Andy Reid is a good balance between offense and defense. All three phases of the game.

But it starts by talking to one another. Understanding the game plan and having that common bond.

While fans were taking pictures of the locker room excited to be in the locker room, I noticed something already that I think will make a big impact for Kansas City.


Good day, Chiefs fans!