One player already on the Chiefs is a fan of Tennessee's Tyler Bray.

"That’s my dawg," Berry said on

Being at the OTA's I've kept an eye out for Bray, the comparisons to Chase Daniel and Ricky Stanzi.

Right now Bray has Daniel and Stanzi on stature and arm, no doubt about that. Experience is what Bray is gaining with each OTA.

"I know he's going to come and do great things for the Chiefs," says Berry. "Right now, I can't really get him out of the hotel because he's been studying his playbook and watching film, so, he's pretty much locked in and focused."

My impression of Bray after first talking to the media during the recent rookie minicamp was good. Bray came across as a decent guy trying to now do and say the right things. Bray understands the opportunity he has with Andy Reid in Kansas City.

Though Stanzi had a good practice Wednesday, you just know Bray will outgun him for that QB spot. Funny, but watching Daniel... he just doesn't look like that "typical" NFL QB. Still, it's up to Bray.

"He just needs to continue to improve, that's what he needs to do, learn the offense and handle  it the right way and do the right things," said Andy Reid after the Chiefs first rookie minicamp. "He understands that. He knows the places he made mistakes at Tennessee, but he was a pretty good football player there. It’s important that he learns our system and takes positive steps forward and not negative steps backwards."

Personally, I'm cheering for the guy. I'm a sucker for a good comeback story.

Good day, Chiefs fans!