Confidence. Kansas City had that last offseason. Derrick Johnson was excited then, too.

Confidence. Kansas City had that last offseason. Derrick Johnson was excited then, too.

High hopes, energy and strong words were issued prior to training camp last year. That was then. This is now, but the players haven’t changed their minds. They know they are better than 2-14.

“That’s what bothers our team,” Jamaal Charles told Robert Mays of “We have talent on our team, we have guys that went to the Pro Bowl, but that’s what bothers us because we know how good we are. We just need someone to lead us there, the right person. We got better as well in the offseason. You never know what the season will hold for us. I just want to win the Super Bowl, that’s why I play this game; I just don’t play this game to have fun. I play this game to make history and to win Super Bowls, so I just hope Andy Reid leads us to the right place.”

Training camp is around the corner, fans get their first peek at Andy Reid and the Chiefs July 26.

It all begins in less than 14 days. Consistent practice for the Chiefs will be here quickly, but the hype has been building since Reid first arrived. There’s a lot of expectation being put on Reid, but unlike Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel, I sense Reid can handle it.

Belief in the team has multiplied because of Reid.

“I think you can expect a top quality coaching job from Andy Reid,” Bill Parcells told KCSP 610 (AM) Sports Radio earlier this week. “John Dorsey I know well too I think he has familiarity with Andy having been in Green Bay with him. I think that’s a good thing. I think the owner Clark Hunt has a couple years under his belt now, and I think that’s a good thing. I think all the things that are now in place for Kansas City should lead to hopefully some improvement.”

Parcells feels the Chiefs have enough quality players to build something.

“Andy will do a good job,” Parcells said. “There’s no doubt about that. He’ll do a very good job.”

Parcells commented on Scott Pioli. Pioli is married to Parcells’ daughter.

“I really do think it was a tough situation,” Parcells said when asked if he gave Pioli advice. “You had a first-time owner, a first-time GM, and a first-time head coach initially in that. I think that’s a very difficult dynamic to overcome. There’s just a lot of inexperience in every spot. Now I think Kansas City will be better off in the respect that Andy has a vast amount of experience. John (Dorsey) has been in personnel forever at Green Bay, and I think the owner has more experience as well. I think those things should lead to a better result.”

Parcells hit the mark with the lack of experience that Clark Hunt, Scott Pioli and Todd Haley had in the beginning. Plus, add one of the NFL’s youngest rosters to the mix and it was a touchy setup.

Many times over the last four years it was like the blind leading the blind. The vision often got lost.

“Andy Reid is a good coach,” Charles said. “He looks out for his players, he treats his players like – what can I say, so well. You want to play better do better for this guy. I tip my hat to Andy Reid, the players play book, the offense is something I would love to be in. I’d say the offense is the best that I’ve seen over my whole career. He’s a coach that’s already been there and done that ... has had success with other guys in the past that are running backs.”

I always rooted for Todd Haley, but was never 100 percent sure. Crennel was a nice guy, but didn’t get the job done either.

Charles said the players still needed someone to lead.

Players play, but coaching has a definite place. The lack thereof has stunted the Chiefs.

I look forward to camp; look onward to something new, something meaty to share with the fans.

Up to this point it’s been a bunch of speculation and hypotheticals.

The real deal is about to start. Reid will show us what he’s got; the players and Chiefs Nation will start to kick in too.

Time for One Arrowhead Drive to re-energize, hit the ground running! Get back to being packed, loud and proud.

At least that’s my vision. Like Charles said, win Super Bowls.

Good day, Chiefs fans!

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