Derrick Johnson recently posted a message on Twitter of him and Jamaal Charles wearing an Elevation Mask nicknamed “the Bane Mask.”

Derrick Johnson recently posted a message on Twitter of him and Jamaal Charles wearing an Elevation Mask nicknamed “the Bane Mask.”

“Making ourselves uncomfortable, the only way to the top,” Johnson tweeted.

At the end of June minicamps, Andy Reid told his players to be ready, to be in championship shape.

“To make sure we’re ready when we come back; make sure we’re in championship shape, not just good shape and be ready to play ball,” rookie Sanders Commings said.

Reid said he wants to crank it up from how he ran camp in Philadelphia.

“When Andy Reid arrived (to Philadelphia), he put his foot through some of the veterans’ backsides and turned a Ray Rhodes country club into a boot camp,”’s Jordan Raanan said.

There are individuals that work hard on the Chiefs; guys like Tamba Hali have always put in the extra, but not all.

“These coaches are demanding more mentally,” Hali said in minicamp. “Some of our players are doing things they’re not used to, but from a team stand point it’s good, it’s beneficial.”

The Chiefs are about to grind like they haven’t practiced before. If earlier OTAs and minicamp were any indication, it’ll be intense.

But demanding more is a good thing, it’s what fans expect.

“It’s my responsibility to coach this team into a winning football team,” Reid said when he first took the job in Kansas City. “To add to the foundation that’s already been built. It’s important that we continue to build on the nucleus that’s here, continue to build it with good players, and to coach the heck out of them. That’s what you got to do.”

“I owe that to the fans. Listen, they want a good football team and they want to support. It’s important that I give that to them, give them that opportunity.”

Reid’s an “old-school” coach; his roots are with the two-a-day practices. The Marty Schottenheimer drills.

Still, one practice a day won’t stop Reid from working his players twice as hard. The “hurry up!” I heard multiple times during OTAs and minicamp will be commonplace at St. Joe. There’s no wasted time with Reid.

It’ll be grueling, but the players trust Reid, they want to work.

It’s about them, but the fans too; even the rookies get it. Each player wants Arrowhead to be intimidating again, to be the best in the NFL.

“The fans have welcomed me and the other rookies and free agents in with open arms and they just want us to go out and do our best and we’re willing to do that for them,” Chiefs rookie linebacker Nico Johnson said.

They want it, want to do their best, but the Chiefs have had trouble finding it.

Like Jamaal Charles said, “We need someone to lead us there.”

Leading and shaping is about to begin. The Chiefs are the clay and Reid and staff are the potters.

“I have high hopes this season and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to confidently say that,” said a Chiefs fan.

Let the Chiefs 2013 season begin!

THE CHASE FOR THE GUINNESS: The hire of Andy Reid and John Dorsey sparked a rebirth, an awakening and a renewed sense of hope. A return to something exceptional, the sort of dominance fans used to experience at Arrowhead.

Things are coming together. The ingredients for something special are here. Reid has to add, stir and bake, but a loaded Arrowhead is the cherry on top.

Reid gets it, Clark Hunt understands it and the players adore the fans.

“I, as a super fan, want to lead the fans by example of always supporting the Kansas City Chiefs organization,” Ty “X-Factor” Rowton told Chief Concerns. “In some way, it is like a marriage. Arrowhead Stadium is 44 years old and we cannot compete with the indoor stadiums and the rolling roofs like Seattle. It’s time to wake the ‘sleeping giant’ and restore the pride that we once had in the 1990s.”

The group Rowton and others like Chiefs fan Connie Jo Gillespie started is called “Terrorhead Returns.” Look them up on Facebook.

The group wants to set a Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd noise ever at Arrowhead stadium. There’s no way Chiefs fans want the Seattle Seahawks to claim that title.

Guinness has given the green light to try; now the group is deciding on which game.

Are the Chiefs on board? It’d be in the Chiefs’ best interest to say yes. Fans wanting to set a record fits what Clark Hunt is trying to fix in Kansas City.

It’s a pride thing, an easy decision for the Chiefs. I want Arrowhead back to being that scary place. So should Clark Hunt.

Good day, Chiefs fans!