MARYVILLE, Mo. – A Facebook page dedicated to solving a 40-year-old northwest Missouri murder case has renewed interest among law enforcement officers who say they never really gave up on finding the killer.

Northwest Missouri State University graduate student Teresa Sue Hilt, known to friends and family as Tess, was brutally murdered in her Maryville apartment Aug. 4, 1973, the Maryville Daily Forum  reported. The music student from Chillicothe was found stabbed multiple times and strangled, with a blood-stained paring knife near her body and a nylon stocking tied around her neck.

Newspapers across the state reported on the murder, but it eventually faded from the memories of most after no killer was found and many decades passed. Authorities don't know if the killer was a man or woman.

A former classmate of Hilt's hasn't given up on finding out what happened to his old friend. Kansas City resident Michael Holmes created a Facebook page several months ago aimed at finding her killer. The page was featured on , a website that focuses on unsolved crimes.

Maryville police detective Ryan Glidden is appealing through social media to anyone who might have information about Hilt's case. He said the Facebook page has sparked new information among officers, many of whom weren't even born when Hilt was killed.

"Recent events, such as the creation of a Facebook page in her honor, have yielded some new information and re-stimulated the investigative efforts," Glidden wrote in a recent post on the MPS Facebook site.

"Police are still hopeful that a missing puzzle piece might be supplied that could bring justice to Tess even after all these many years. Somebody, someplace, knows something that could still bring closure in this case."

Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to contact Maryville Public Safety or email Additional details of the case are available at and .