These orphans are available for adoption through the Regional Animal Shelter, 21001 E. Missouri 78, Independence; 816-621-7722.


The following animals are available for adoption at the Regional Animal Shelter, 21001 E. Missouri 78, 621-7722. If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.

Kellan, male shepherd mix, 6 years. Roy, male boxer mix, 8 years. Midnight, female shepherd mix, 14 years. Chocolate, female shepherd mix, 14 years. Dudley, male Anatolian Shepherd mix, 7 years. Sammy, female Great Dane mix, 2 years. Oscar, male Akita mix, 3 years. Sam A Rye Bread, male miniature Schnauzer mix, 4 years. Nitro, male American Pit Bull mix, 2 months. Sister Pawz, female Labrador mix, 10 months. Ophelia, female cat, brown/gray, 7 years. Lynette, female cat, black/brown, 13 years. Rocky, male cat, orange/cream, 7 years. Sammy, female cat, white/gray, 13 years. Cleveland, male cat, orange/white, 6 years. Roxxie, female cat, black, 3 years. Cheeseburger, male Russian Blue, 4 years. Jupiter, male cat, brown/black, 3 months. Dewie, Diego, male cats, orange, 2 months. Coffee Bean, Chili Bean, male cats, white/brown, 4 months.

There are 71 dogs and puppies, and 129 cats and kittens available for adoption.