The following animals are available for adoption at the Regional Animal Shelter, 21001 E. Missouri 78, 621-7722. If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.

Mr. Rogers, male German Shepherd, 12 years. Elvira, female Pomeranian mix, 8 years. Andy, male Rottweiler mix, 8 years. Jenkins, male Rough Collie mix, 10 years. Quagmire, male Pomeranian mix, 6 years. Diamond, female Labrador mix, 4 years. Kirby, male Beagle mix, 4 years. Mr. Tom Jones, male Labrador mix, 3 years. Benny, male Boxer/Pointer mix, 10 months. Buster, male Australian Cattle Dog mix, 5 months. Beggs, female Egyptian Mau mix, cream/Lynx, 8 years. Patsy, female cat, white brown, 8 years. Katrina, female cat, black, 7 years. Spice, female cat, orange, 5 years. Miss Kitty Meowington, female cat, white/tan, 5 years. Brighton, female cat, black/cream, 3 years. The Bert, male cat, Bombay mix, black, 3 years. Shadow, female cat, gray, 3 years. Robert, Tyler, Wonka, male cats, black, 3 months. Arista, Adella, Sugarbaby, female cats, black, 3 months.

There are 75 dogs and puppies, and 127 cats and kittens available for adoption.