CORRECTION: The 100 Years Ago column was omitted from the Saturday edition. We apologize for the error.

The following items were taken from the Aug. 17 through 23, 1913, Examiner.

n Cole Younger is going to join the Christian Church in Lee’s Summit, if he has not already done so. So he intimated in a conversation at his home in Lee’s Summit. “I have intended to do it for some time,” he said. “I should do it for the sake of influence. My nephews and the other boys of this town are watching me.” He was telling of thrilling times in the early history of Lee’s Summit as he sat on the porch of his home smoking his long stemmed pipe. He recalled some of the bloody skirmishes in which he participated. n Wornall Hall, or the administration building of William Jewell College at Liberty, Mo., was struck by lightning that totally destroyed the building. The loss was $100,000. In the building were the records of the school and the grades of all the pupils. n A camping party composed of a number of young people from Independence, expect to go to the old Hill farm near Rock Creek. Those attending will be Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Duffendack, Misses Ruby, Anna and Dolly Walden, Misses Grace and Louise Bunyar, Clarence Shepherd, Miss Pauline Shepherd, Mae McPherson, Russell Yetter, Fred Gordon, John Griebel, George Goodman, Howard Shepherd, and Miss Frances Lockard of Blue Springs. n Uncle Sam is going to raffle off nine thousand farms of 160 acres each in northeastern Montana. It will be the last big land drawing that can ever be had in this country. It will throw open to settlement 1,345,000 acres of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, which lies on the north bank of the Missouri River and is 80 miles from east to west and 40 miles from north to south.

– Jillayne Ritchie