By The Examiner staff

Two Kansas City men face a felony charge in the theft of a large amount of copper wire in Independence.

Christopher L. Smith and Timothy V. Thomas both were charged Thursday with felony theft/stealing in Division 30 of Jackson County Circuit Court.

Police were called out Tuesday morning to the 1200 block of South Osage Street in central Independence, where they found two men stripping telecommunications wire that was still on two large spools – about 750 pounds each. Police estimated the spools contained 13,000 feet of wire, and police spokesman Tom Gentry said that would cost at least $1 a foot.

“It was brand-new stuff,” Gentry said.

The men told the officer who arrived on the scene that they had found the wire.

Smith’s bond was set at $15,000 and Thomas’ bond was set at $10,000, both 10 percent secured.