Joe Schillmoeller

Las Vegas, Nev.

To the editor:

The hypocrisy of the left lives throughout the country. As a business owner traveling through Missouri, I read the letter from John Seeley (The Examiner, Aug. 13, “Tax cut bill would cut needed services”) and it is a rehash of the nonsense I hear back home from liberals.

First, business owners do care about taxes, John. More so than what you think because we also know one very important truth. When people like you, John, need more money for their social lunacy, they always come after us.

Second, there is more money spent per child on education than at any time in our history or on the planet. Money does not ensure good education, nor does spending more on welfare, food stamps and other assorted social programs lead us to eliminating poverty. It accentuates the problem.

Finally, John, if you are so concerned about the “future” of our children, why are you so willing to saddle them with a crushing debt which will destroy their future? The standard of living for our children will be severely compromised when they have to service the enormous debt the liberal left has piled on them. We should all be ashamed of what we are leaving our kids, and that includes you, John.