Roger R. Bisby


To the editor:

The recent approval of putting the translational medical research question before the voters in November is a horribly irresponsible thing to do.

First, the majority of the proponents are nonresidents of Jackson County.

Second, the tax monies amounting to $800 million, over 20 years, will probably be more than $1.5 billion when adjusted for inflation, affecting lower-income families the most.

This money will essentially be handed to a private corporation, with only a few potential members of the advisory positions to be held by the proponents. These are individuals with high net worth, and most likely have insurance that would rival Congress.

For one to think, even for a moment, about the employment opportunities for Jackson County residents, would be fleeting at best.

The researchers will have salaries from $175,000 to $250,000 at the least. There would probably be a few “key” researchers in the high six-figure range, as well as perhaps two positions exceeding the million dollar per annum mark. Most likely they will reside in Kansas during their contract period.

People, there in not even a shred of evidence that the proper “due diligence” has been undertaken. What will we get for this money? We are not, and should never become, investment bankers, any of whom would run, not walk, away from this business plan.

We do not need to start, another NIH or CDC in Kansas City. Is not the Stowers Institute already doing the same or like research?

If, for some inconceivable reason that it should pass, the first thing they should do is develop a cure for the “political gene defect,” which is the propensity of liberal politicians to have an eternal hand in the taxpayers’ pocket!