John Seeley


To the editor:

Do we want good services and infrastructure in our communities, our state? Or do we want even lower taxes for the wealthy? You can’t have both. These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves and definitely asking our state representatives. We already have one of the lowest tax burdens of any state, but that is not good enough for some.

You simply can’t be for education in this state and be for House Bill 253. Rep. Noel Torpey of Independence claims the governor was spreading falsehoods and trying to hoodwink the people of this fine state. Yet Noel fails to use any historical facts, solid economic principals, logic or reason in making his decision on how to vote.

You can ask almost any businessman what would they rather have, a well-educated work force, a safe community to do business, a high quality of life in the community, a well maintained and upgraded infrastructure to produce, market and ship goods and services paid for with taxes. Or would the businessman want even lower taxes and none of the above or very limited services and low quality at best? The answer is simple. Businesses will look for quality of life and the community over taxes almost every time.

We realistically, logically can’t have it all. We either pay our taxes to pay the bills at our current low rate and maintain the quality of life for ourselves and others, or if we don’t, we speed up our race to the bottom along with Kansas. That is a ridiculous choice to make.

Speak out, speak up and demand well thought out reasons from your representatives before it is too late!