By The Examiner staff

The Independence School District has hit a milestone.

For the first time, enrollment in the district has topped 14,000. The district reports a total of 14,137 students this school year. That includes two classes with more than 1,200 students. The district says this year’s kindergarten class has 1,245 students and the second grade has 1,201.

In a news release, Superintendent Dale Herl said, “These numbers say something extremely positive about the Independence School District. It means that families believe in what we are doing here. Families who have a choice are choosing to raise their children here and educate them in our school district. We take that as an honor, and are determined to ensure that choice pays off in students who are inspired to reach for success.”

The district has had to hire some additional teachers to handle the number of students, and some schools are filled to the brim.

“Many school districts are losing scores of students each year, and are having to close schools to accommodate those losses. We would much rather be in this position,” says Herl.