Examiner nudges U.S. to socialism

Glen Enloe


To the editor:

It was with sadness, but no real surprise, that the Examiner’s lead opinion last Friday (from the Scripps Howard News Service) referred to Ted Cruz’s brave stand against the atrocity known as Obamacare as “yammers.” Once again, by The Examiner’s selection of articles, you have firmly planted your editorial opinion on the liberal side of political mindset. Increasingly, the media and politicians seem to have no real concern about the wishes of the American people. Thinner and thinner newspapers are the result. Look at your liberal cousins, The Kansas City Star, and see how well entrenched liberal thinking works.

Yes, you and your fellow ilk of die-hard social progressives do everything you can to push and promote the radical agenda and social engineering. Until the “yammering” mainstream socialist media presents and respects opinions of conservative Americans, they will continue to lose revenue and readers.

Ted Cruz is simply a decent conservative man who has stood up for what he believes and what many of us believe about the damage Obamacare has done and is doing to the American dream. Make no mistake, Obamacare is the jackboot of socialism stuck in America’s door.

You and the overwhelming progressive media can only make fun of, demean and attempt to destroy any and all patriots who speak up about Obamacare and other liberal/socialist agenda programs being shoved down our proverbial throats. Liberals have no shame, so I won’t say shame on you. But I believe even Harry Truman would take you to task, only with more colorful language.

Until the “yammering” mainstream socialist media presents rational opinions of conservative Americans, they and you will continue to lose revenue and readers. Swerve away from group liberal think and quit trying to lead us merrily down the sad path toward serfdom.

Why won’t Congress listen to the people?

Carl Antrim


To the editor:

Will our elected leaders ever listen?

The president and our elected leaders are ignoring what “we the taxpaying citizens have spoken for.” The citizens of Missouri voted against the federal government mandating health Insurance. It has also been reported that the majority of U.S. citizens have also stated that they have the intelligence to make their own decisions concerning health care.

The direction that our federal government is taking toward the taxpaying citizens is that the government is smarter than the voters who sent them to Washington. Our government is spoon-feeding the citizens because “they know best” regardless of the cost.

Does it take a partial government shutdown for our elected officials to listen to be people and control cost?

Save money, and improve health care

Terry Flowers


To the editor:

Frequently I read or hear, “I work hard for my money and I want to keep as much as possible to spend, donate, or manage how I choose”, or something to that effect. I can readily relate to that as, I too, work hard for what I have and the money that I earn. This is one of the primary reasons that I support HR 676.

If HR 676 – single-payer health-care financing, expanded and improved Medicare for All, a national, government-financed health insurance plan – were to be enacted into law over 97 percent of us would be able to keep more of the money we work so hard to earn. Yes, our taxes would be increased. However, most of us who have private, for-profit health-care insurance would save more with the elimination of premiums, co-pays, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses than we would pay out in the increased tax.

This is also true for businesses that currently provide health-care benefits for their employees and families. Businesses would not be responsible for providing health-care benefits, and the increased tax that they would pay would be less than the share of the premiums that they are currently paying.

While I would benefit personally from HR 676, I also favor it because we would no longer have so many who are un- or underinsured who are going without the medical care they need. We would no longer see families going into bankruptcy and foreclosure due to medical bills.

I would encourage anyone who has reservations about this to do their own research. One can do a web search for HR 676 and find a great deal of information.