Cast your mind back to January this year when I bemoaned the fact that, having lost my job, I discovered I was uninsurable.

Having now secured permanent employment again, I am pleased to say that I’ve discovered, quite miraculously, that I am insurable again.

I’m wondering if it boils down to the fact that Blue Cross reckons as I am in fact working, that I therefore don’t have time to go to the doctor and am thus a better bet than I was unemployed, evidently with loads of time on my hands whereby I could just on a whim run to any medical professional I fancied for a quick prod, jab, stab or invasion just for the hell of it – all in order to peeve Blue Cross.

Naturally, that is indeed the only reason any of us go to the doctor isn’t it, to irk the insurance company?

Our insurance cards, all prettily on show in their crisp blue and white dresses, laminated to last a lifetime, arrived at the house. My employer pays 60 percent, I pay 40 percent, and it just does the heart proud to know that I can part with $700 a month to bolster Blue Cross’ coffers.

Ah but wait, there’s more.

For the privilege of coughing up an outrageous sum of money between me and my boss, Blue Cross has decided that as I was uninsured – at their insistence mind you – for nine months, Sir and I have “pre-existing conditions” and that these will not be covered until June 2014.

They don’t actually elucidate on these said pre-existing conditions, just that if we make a claim where one might exist, it won’t be covered.

Say, for instance, I should break my big toe. Said toe was operated on some time ago, and now sports a pretty nifty titanium pin. If I happen to claim medical costs associated with the unforeseen breakage of said big toe, can I assume that Blue Cross will deny my claim, as; I suppose possibly, the prior surgery somehow weakened it and therefore made it much more liable to breakage?

I guess the only condition I could possibly come up with is if I were to be so inconsiderate to my loved ones, co-workers and friends as to die. That, after all, would not be pre-existing, could it?

Blue Cross, oh well just smack me silly, will not in fact elucidate and clarify for me exactly what Sir’s or my pre-existing conditions may or may not be – we will just have to avoid going to the doctor for another eight months so we will be in the clear for whatever medical situation which might arise. And pay thousands of bucks in the meantime.

And we don’t need healthcare reform? And the government is shut down over it. Oh, come on now kids, let’s all play nice and get this outrageous situation under control.

Shall we?

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at anniedearkc