My Journey began with my annual mammogram in 2011. After my appointment the doctor came out and said "you need to have a biopsy." I was so scared at that point. I had the biopsy but the surgeon did not want to do anything about it at that point!! My best friend’s son is a doctor so he set me up with a great group of doctors who found out that I had stage 3 breast cancer.

In June I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and was told I was cancer free!!

After my surgery and during my recuperation the color pink seemed to just reach out to me and I just had to have a Pink Breast Cancer Awareness shirt and I wear pink most every day since then.

While excited to be approaching my two-year anniversary of being cancer free, my world was set upside down yet again in June 2013 when I found a lump in my reconstructed breast. Doctors did a biopsy.... results were in and I had breast cancer yet again. I have gone through chemotherapy and gone through a few short stays in the hospital but through all of this I remain VERY positive and have a great outlook on my future.

As my hair was starting to fall out I was not upset. It really did not bother me, so I had my sister give me a "buzz" cut!!! I love it and family tell me it looks really good, and I think so too.

I might be looking at surgery again but through it all I have remained positive that I will continue to be a survivor. With a large supportive family and friend's love I am still positive at 64 years old.

My motto has been "I FIGHT LIKE A GIRL and No One Fights Alone"

Thanks for letting me tell my story.

– Submitted by Karen Seaba