I first entered the world of breast cancer in 1996 and am still in that world. Chemo was given after my mastectomy then and I was always given the blood marker for 10 years. When the 10 years were up, I inquired if I could continue to have the blood marker to make sure that I was OK. It was a blessing that I did that. The marker went up in February 2008 and cancer was again active and it had metastasized to the bone/spine. Chemo was again given and it was a tough treatment for six months, but I'm still here!

I cannot encourage women enough to keep a close watch to help you be aware of what is happening in your body. Be pro-active in taking care of yourself and work very closely with your doctor/oncologist. After a recent pet scan (the test that best shows cancer) showed I had some spots on the spine and 12 radiation treatments were given and at this time, those spots are gone. Take care of yourself and if you have never had any diagnoses of cancer, do your monthly check and make sure that you don't find a lump.

Best wishes for a healthy life!

Submitted by Jonna Merritt