My name is Connie Barker and I have been fighting reoccurring breast cancer since 2007. The breast cancer went to my bones and I have a lot of damage from my skull to both legs. Last year I rolled over in bed and broke my right arm. Before I got my arm nailed (my orthopedic doctor called it that) I fell of my front porch step and broke my left thigh. I had to have a steel rod put in my left thigh. I had to stay in house rehab for a month. A month later after I was barely walking I found out that my left arm bone could break any time and I needed to have surgery on my left arm. My husband calls me “titanium girl.” I had to have radiation after that.

I had seven separate times of radiation with 12 to 15 doses each. I had chemo previously, now I am taking Afinitor, which is consider oral chemo and an anti hormone it may or not be working now. I also take an intravenous bone strengthener.

Now I am waiting on having another CAT scan to see if I have liver cancer or just something wrong with my liver. My doctor tells me that I have a lot of future treatments and I intend to fight on. The doctors and the nurses at the Lee Summit Kansas Cancer center have been great. They fight for me with insurance companies and most of all, against cancer.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, a great family, a church family, and very good friend.

I will always fight.

– Submitted by Connie Barker