The driver of a trash truck was injured this morning when he pulled in front of an Amtrak train in Independence.

Police say it happened at about 8:30 a.m. in the Fairount area, just north of U.S. 24. Wilson Road road runs along the double set of tracks briefly and then turns to cross the tracks near Cedar Avenue.

The railroad crossing arms were down and the red lights were flashing, said Tom Gentry, spokesman for the Independence Police Department. A freight train was sitting on one set of tracks. The Amtrak train was coming out of Kansas City, about to stop a couple of minutes later at the Truman Depot and then head east to St. Louis.

The driver of the trash truck went around the crossing arms. The train struck the truck on the driver’s side and pushed the truck about 30 feet.

The driver was taken to a hospital with what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries.

None of the passengers or crew of the train were reported hurt. Gentry said there was damage to the exterior of the Amtrak engine. Amtrak’s website noted a “service disruption” for the train but provided no further information.

“The message for the day ...” Gentry said, “is never try to beat a train.”

– Jeff Fox