The Midwest Genealogy Center will host “Let Your Skeletons Dance” Oct. 25 at the Genealogy Center, 3440 S Lees Summit Road, Independence.

Beginning at 4 p.m., there will be a book signing celebrating the publications of local authors pertinent to the field of local history and genealogy: “Lost Souls of the Lost Township” by Paul R. Petersen; “The Brookside Story: Shops of Every Necessary Character” by Ladene Morton; “Truman's Grandview Farm” by Jon Taylor; “Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy Kansas City, Missouri: Names of 3400 Graduates, 1871-1905” by James Tharp; “Finding Your Roots: Easy-to-Do Genealogy and Family” by Janice Schultz; and “Cinders and Silence” by Tom Rafiner.

After the Center closes at 6 p.m., this lock-in event will begin. You’ll enjoy a delicious dinner, then spend the evening researching their genealogy in a fun environment. There will be hourly prizes, a snack buffet at 9 p.m. and a grand prize drawing near the end of the evening. This year's theme is Shakespeare, the mood will be set with Elizabethan music, costumes, and a few surprises! Costumes are optional, but you could win a prize for best costume!

There will also be mini-classes, 20 minutes each, that will be helpful to beginners and more advanced hobbyists. You will meet fellow genealogists and have the chance to learn from each other, network, and make new friends!

Registration is required. The fee of $25 and is due by Oct. 23. Payment can be made by cash, check (in person or by mail), or debit/credit card (in person or on the phone at 816-252-7228. You may also register online at