An Independence school district bus carrying Korte Elementary students wrecked into a utility pole Thursday morning. The school bus accident happened in the vicinity of 20th Street and Ashland in Blue Summit in unincorporated Jackson County.

As the school bus was ending its route, it made impact with a utility pole. The pole was knocked over but the bus was not seriously damaged. A non-emergency call was made to both the Independence Police Department and Jackson County Sheriff. No other vehicles were involved.

According to Independence school district spokeswoman Nancy Lewis, there were no injuries initially reported by the students on board, but as they were loaded onto a second bus to be transferred, two students told personnel they might be injured and an additional call for 911 was made at 9:35 a.m. The two students were taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital for examination. There are no reports on the condition of the driver.

The school district is conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. The investigators will interview the bus driver and students involved as well as gathering other information that can help in finding the cause.