I retired early one Halloween night. I told my husband and son they would have to answer the door. A few minutes later, Jim urged me to go back to the door. You better go to the door, the trick or treaters are asking for you. So, I put on my long black wig and pinned a huge black spider to my bust-line. The center hall was ready and the little spooks were arriving in crowds.

A teenager had written an article for a local newspaper about our house the last Halloween. He’d moved away, but he had his parents bring him by our house so he could give me a copy of the article.

His article went like this: "I rang the doorbell of this two story house. I wasn’t suspecting to see anything but someone handing out candy. There was a tall thin woman with long black hair. “You rang,” she said softly. I stepped back and gasped. In back of her was a seven-foot Frankenstein wearing a fine black suit. He had an ax in his hand. There was macabre music playing in the background. A gold candelabra flickered and wax ran down the sides of the candles. What an eerie sight! Spiders bobbed up and down from webs that hung from the ceiling."

We entertained like this for about four years. Every year while Jim and Kenny left to trick or treat, I’d stay home and put on this little show. Jim and Kenny were in costumes I had made for them. They went from door to door.

Adults had a startled look when I opened the door. I guess I looked gruesome enough as I stood at the door with my white makeup on and my lips were bright red. Anyway, it was fun, I’ll never forget it. The only thing I regret is that many of the very small children cried.

We quit scaring children and amusing them when our son got too old to enjoy this frolic himself. Today I go to the door dressed in regular street clothes. Small children can make you feel young again.

Perhaps you recall "The Munsters" or "The Addams Family." The cast said they’d nearly crack up laughing on the set. Our neighbors enjoyed our little skits, but I thought it was just a little too “far out.”

Today, as I look back and recall how simple it was to have this little show each year, I recall the most difficult part was finding the right background music.

For weeks later my friends asked me where I got the idea, why did I do it. I did it because it was Halloween. The Addams Family and Lurch and Uncle Fester, in our neighborhood everyone had their own imagination and interpretation. Yes, we got a few good laughs later on. Ah, such memories.