Blue Springs Ford is proud to announce that the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the September winner of the Helping Others Program.

They were nominated by the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City. This is the third year that the Mustang Club has dedicated their efforts to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The club that was organized in 1984 has some 215 memberships which will involve as many as 400 individuals. Each year they reach across America to help anywhere from 6 to 12 charities. Their regional car shows raise funds for these different charities.

From left to right in the $1,000 check presentation from Blue Springs Ford is Mark Raab, a director for the Mustang Club, Nancy Bloom, a volunteer and one that is very close to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation since her sister passed away in June of 2012 from breast cancer. Next is George Stegner, President of the Mustang Club, Bob Balderston, owner of Blue Springs Ford and Dave Gavril of Blue Springs Ford program for Helping Others. | Submitted