A day after a refreshing post-victory Gatorade shower, courtesy of members of his William Chrisman High School football team that had just edged Noland Road rival Truman 19-13, Bears coach John Crutcher had an idea.

"I think we better call some big-time Hollywood producer," he jokingly said, "so they can make a movie on the Ogle brothers. Their dad Dan is our activities director, and he graduated from Truman. What they did in the Wagon Wheel game belongs in a movie."

The Ogles, junior quarterback Gannon and sophomore tight end/linebacker Grady, turned in star performances in the biggest game of the season for the 1-7 Bears as Grady picked up a fumble that set up the winning touchdown

"Those kids stepped it up," Crutcher said. "All the kids played their tails off in that game. It's always special to win your first game, and it's even more special when it comes against your biggest rival."

The Ogle brothers, who let their actions on the field do most of the speaking, said their game-winning touchdown play was special for many reasons.

"Our dad works at Chrisman, and all our relatives came in for the Wagon Wheel game," said Gannon, referring to the trophy the winning team receives and keeps in its trophy case for a year. "We were happy that we won our first game, and since it came against Truman, that made it even better."

With just 1:36 remaining in the game and Truman clinging to a 13-12 lead, Grady Ogle and D'Vontae Brown pounced on a Patriots fumble.

"I saw the ball and D'Vontae saw the ball and we just jumped on it," Grady said. "I was just doing my thing

Brown said it didn't matter who picked up the loose ball, as long as it was a member of the Bears.

"I was surprised they ran the ball," Brown said. "We were expecting them to take a knee. When we saw the loose ball, we went after it."

Gannon showed his cool as he hit Michael Johnson for a 33-yard gain on a fourth-and-10 play from the Truman 43. He then hit his brother for the game-winning 5-yard score with just 35.4 seconds left.

"When we were in the huddle, I wasn

When asked which was bigger, his fumble recovery or the TD reception, Grady said, "Winning was the biggest thing. When Gannon threw me that pass I was afraid I'd drop it. I knew I had to catch it, and I did."

Crutcher said the game-winning pass, which had Grady coming across the formation after the snap, was designed three weeks ago.

"We'd been working on the play for about three weeks, and we were waiting for the fight occasion to use it," Crutcher said. "We told Grady he was going to score the game-winner, and he did."

Truman had one last chance to claim the prized Wagon Wheel Trophy, but Mason Atagi made sure it didn't happen when he picked off Patriots quarterback Dean Clemons' final pass.

"I just followed the ball and caught it," Atagi said. "It felt so good. I'm a freshman, and I wanted to win the game for all the seniors. And I have three more Wagon Wheel games to play in, and I want to win all three."

Senior running back Bret Wolf, who scored on an 18-yard run, was thrilled to be a part of three Wagon Wheel wins.

"This is what you dream about, especially as a senior, winning the Wagon Wheel and beating Truman the last time you play them," Wolf said. "We haven't won as many games as we'd have liked to have won, but we beat Truman and kept the Wagon Wheel here at Chrisman."