Please help find missing dog, Butch

To the editor,

My name is Michael-Elise Smiddy and over the past year I've been in and out of the hospital. I lost my large intestine. My mom saw me break down and she knew I needed a best friend. This is the reason she gave me Butch, my dog, an Australian Cattle/Terrier mix. Butch is important to me because he's someone who could listen to me and not judge me for what I've been through. Butch made me feel like all my problems went away in a second.

Just thinking he could be hurt or lost and scared or that someone had a heart and kept him just builds a knot in my stomach. If someone has found Butch along the line I hope they will bring him home so I can hold him again and tell him I love him again and tell him it's okay to be scared. I get nightmares thinking he's alone and hurt. I just want my best friend home with me forever and never leave.

Butch is 2 1/2 feet tall, has a white body with brown face and spots on his torso. He was last seen on Oct. 25 on Sterling in Sugar Creek. He is timid and can be easily spooked, so it is best not to approach him. If possible, let him slowly approach you. He is a sucker for doggie treats and will come to you. If you see him or he comes to you, please call us or take him to the nearest veterinarian clinic, they will contact us. Butch is on medication and has a registered microchip.

Thank you so much for your help. If you see him, call 816-461-5518 or 816-522-1665 or email

Michael-Elise Smiddy Sugar Creek

Blue Springs Parks tax misleading

To the editor:

Blue Springs city leaders state we need the 1/2% sales tax to cover the $15 million in deferred park maintenance. The tax would raise $3 million annually, but only $500,000 would go to the parks. Assuming no additional maintenance, it would take 30 years to resolve the deferred amount. This would indicate that you should anticipate additional future taxes to pay for parks improvements and maintenance.

Meanwhile, $2 million of the tax would go to build and operate a new community center. Is this a better use of the tax money than fixing, maintaining, and improving the park system?

The new sales tax for Blue Springs would be 8.475% and if our legislators in Jefferson City get their way, they will increase the tax even further to pay for income tax cuts for the wealthy. Don’t forget the potential transportation tax for rail.

William Messer Blue Springs