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Provisioning – Spartan Stadium Style
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My blogs will be about almost everything. About teenage life, teen pregnancy, sports, everyday life things, things that are happening in the world, and even some blogs about myself.
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1. Paul replica.  Packing in case I have to give it back to @DaBangStick after the game

2. MiFi.  Just in case.

3. Vintage M logo mints.  Someone in the neighborhood handed these out.  Kids put them in my office.

4. M ring.  Don’t break it out too often.

5. MaraWatch.  Showing East Lansing a little something called style.

6. Meal Tickets.  Love it.  Two tickets, good for 1 hotdog OR brat upstairs.  Drinks are covered, media pays for everything else.

7. Binoculars.  As you can see on the credential, I’m on level 8.

8. HTTV H&H.  Hoops and Hockey edition in tow during the timeouts.

9. Credential and lanyard.   Got the ESPN lanyard when GameDay came a few years ago, good for road games.

10. Sugar Bowl tag.   Almost end of life, my Sugar Bowl bag tag on the backpack.

Not shown:  Phone, keys, phone charger, laptop, game face.


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