Twice each school day a small group of cadets assemble in the front foyer of Van Horn High School.

First at 7:05 a.m., and then again at 2:05 p.m., these four individuals gather up as they prepare for one of the most meaningful and reverent activities of the day. Arriving early each day and staying late each afternoon, these individuals are a part of a dedicated team, neither flashy nor showy, their routine is measured, synchronized, precise, specific – routine. Twenty-one steps, face, salute, 21 folds, salute, face, 21 steps.

Most students milling around the doorway or front portico or people coming and going from the high school building almost seem not to notice this skilled, well-trained team – these four are members of the JROTC Flag Detail Team. The Flag Detail Team is the group organized, trained and committed to properly and correctly raise and lower the main school flag each day. The duty rotates among the eight members who volunteer for this special duty co-curricular team, all are members of the Army JROTC program at Van Horn, The Falcon Battalion.

They are accountable to the school administrators, the Army JROTC program Cadre and to themselves to ensure the flag is properly and correctly displayed each day in front of Van Horn. They read the weather and assess the conditions and ask, "Do we use the nylon or cotton flag today?" They read the daily beat – are there any directives from the governor or president concerning the display of the flag for today? They prepare themselves and the flag for the brief but meaningful ceremony.

By first bell at 7:25 a.m. all must be completed, ceremony concluded, another regular school day under way. In the afternoon everything is reversed, by the 2:13 p.m. end-of-day bell, all is concluded and another school day is ended. The flag properly recovered, inspected, properly folded, flag pole secured and the flag returned to its resting place.

Again, few people seem to notice the four outstanding cadets who just completed their daily duty with precision, ceremony, respect and reverence. The Falcon Flag Detail Team, a group of unsung heroes who perform their duties almost invisible to the public. There's no finer example of selfless service to the community and well motivated, patriotic citizens.

Flag Detail Team currently consists of the following cadets: Cadet Jennifer Dominguez (team leader), Cadet Destiny Marquez, Cadet Mimi Hernandez, Cadet Leeland Lityma, Cadet Garret Maurice, Cadet Cheyenne Engle, Cadet Nico Tarantola and Cadet Josh Ramirez.