Voters who live in Public Water Supply District 13 will decide Tuesday whether to approve bonds to expand and modernize the water system in Eastern Jackson County.

Question 3 asks residents if the district should issue up to $3 million in revenue bonds for constructing, extending, equipping, and improving its waterworks system. The bond will cover operation and maintenance costs plus repayment of the principal and interest of the waterworks system if passed, according to Jackson County Water District.

District No. 13 includes the very southern part of Blue Springs, eastern parts of Lake Lotawana, and the eastern boundary of Lee’s Summit as well as some unincorporated areas.

“(The bond question) is all for water main construction of Eastern Jackson County,” says Charles Dellario of the Jackson County Water District. “(The bond) will allow new water lines to replace piping that has been there since 1960. This will also make them more accessible for fire hydrants.”

Dellario said there are new standards required for water mains given the recent building development in the area. Currently the mains are either 2-inch or 4-inch in size. If the bond passes, it will allow the construction of new 8-inch mains in order for water to get to the system better, according to Dellario.

“The county has asked to move (current water lines) out of the roads to easements. (The bond) will increase the size and relocate (water lines and mains) out of Jackson County rights-of-way.”