When Tamba Hali speaks, he tells it like it is.

“You know, we like it that way. We’d rather be the underdogs because throughout our past, we’ve been the underdogs,” Hali said when asked about being 8-0 and not getting the respect many feel the Chiefs deserve. “It should be that way. We’re not doing what prototypical offenses and defenses are doing. We’re just going out there and having fun and winning games.

“The biggest thing about what we’re doing each week is winning the game. If it’s by one point or 20 points, whatever the case may be, we’re winning the game. People want to see something different, and that’s not what our intentions are – it’s to win the game. Whether we get respect or not, we like it how it is, and we want to continue doing what we’re doing.”

The underdog, the one who isn’t expected to win. But the Chiefs keep winning.

Kansas City has scored 192 points, third-best in the AFC, 10th in the NFL. Their point differential is plus-94, second-best in the league; the defense has allowed 98 points. Kansas City’s defense permits 12.3 points per game, best in the league after eight games.

Still, after Kansas City’s win against Cleveland, Pete Prisco, CBSSports.com’s senior NFL columnist, tweeted that “The Chiefs might be the worst 8-0 team I’ve ever seen.”

You guessed it, Chiefs fans don’t agree.

“I try not to pay attention to what’s being said outside of our locker room,” Hali said. “Each game has its own life, and we have to go in and focus on our game and win the game. Regardless of what people are saying, we feel like there comes a time when people might take notice, if they don’t take notice now. For now, we’re just focusing on being 1-0 each week, and that’s carried us through eight games so far.”

Prisco spoke to 610 Sports Radio Thursday about what he said.

“To me that’s a combination,” Prisco said on 610. “What they’re doing is a combination of everything that goes right. You get the turnovers, your tops in the league in takeaways, you run the ball, and play good defense. Well, it’s not always going to go right, and that’s when they’re going to have problems.”

Prisco is mad about offense, which he feels the Chiefs are barely adequate in.

I know what Dwayne Bowe can do. I agree with Prisco that Bowe isn’t as involved, but Prisco missed the boat on what this team is about.

For Bowe to demand the ball, like Prisco suggested, goes against everything this team is doing. Reid recently called his team “unselfish.” What Prisco advocates would be a selfish move by Bowe. Bowe’s into helping his team the way his coaches tell him to do it. He wants to win; that’s what is most important to Bowe.

As much as I don’t like seeing Bowe with just 302 yards, he’s doing his job; it’s what the coaches want that matters.

Hali said Wednesday they’re not winning the new way, meaning passing the ball and relying mostly on offense, but they’re winning. Listening to Prisco, he knows little about the Chiefs, their character and the emphasis Reid puts on family. Prisco is a stat guy, looks at passing yards, and having the quarterback to get you there.

Prisco isn’t totally wrong – I’d like more offense – but his logic is skin deep. If the Chiefs are a perfect 8-0, then they’ve dug into something deeper, not typical and special. Not just having an easy schedule like some poke fun at.

Up to this point they’ve succeeded as a team. Fans acknowledge that, but words like “family,” well, experts don’t count that stat.

BUFFALO BILLS: Kansas City is 18-25-1 all-time versus the Bills. Buffalo has won five of its last six games with the Chiefs, beating Kansas City 35-17 last season.

Andy Reid is 9-6 against the AFC East, 2-2 in his career against Buffalo.

Where the Bills are strong is defense. The Bills have 27 sacks; Alex Smith has been sacked 24 times. Eric Fisher will have his hands full with Mario Williams (11 sacks), and Kyle Williams can be a load, as well. Buffalo is tops in the league with 12 interceptions.

But the Bills have 17 fumbles, second-worst in NFL. Kansas City is fourth in the league in points off takeaways. The Bills allow 27 points a game, 25th in the NFL.

Offensively it’s close, but overall, I wouldn’t expect a Bills upset. The Chiefs are the better team. This isn’t the same group as last year.

Good day, Chiefs fans!

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