By Marvin Sands

Now that the Tea Party-led shutdown and near collapse of the default issue of our government is over, let’s hope that in the future, cooler and smarter heads in our House of Representatives and the Senate will prevail and find realistic solutions to this nation’s debt problems.

It boggles the mind why certain elements of national elective politics would decide to hold our nation hostage to satisfy their own personal egos. These kind of elected radicals have no place in a democratic republic. Quite frankly, I seriously doubt whether they actually know that they are part of a democratic republic. The theory behind this belief is the fact that our Constitution is not structured to allow hostage taking by such radical elected politicians like Ted Cruz for example. It is structured to allow give and take, fundamental disagreement, compromise, coherent thinking, and the ability to work through differences and arrive at workable solutions.

Our Constitution is a document that was structured to be of, for and by the people of the United States of America – not of, for and by radical deterrents who think just getting elected to national office somehow gives them the right to take a country hostage just because they don’t like something.

These radical politicians’ double-barreled attempt to shut down our government and cause the United States to default on its debt for the first time in our history was a direct assault on our system of government. What is really scary here is if these elected loggerheads continue to assault our way of life under our Constitution and get away with it, what does this say about our judicial system and the laws of our land?

This recent attempt demonstrates beyond any doubt the kind of disrespect these individuals have for our government and also have for the system of how our government functions.

What else is really scary is that there are non-elected radicals who have very deep pockets who are financially supporting this cause. This should be a deep concern for all Americans. Since the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, unfettered amounts of money can be driven across the political spectrum without any knowledge of where it came from or how much was contributed to any certain deliberative agenda. This is the perfect example of money being the root of all evil – in this case, the evil attacks on our system of government just to get one’s own way and the people be dammed.

So what is the solution to a better America? Quite simply it is we the people. And although it seems simple enough, is it? Bankrolled candidates need to be thoroughly scrutinized by the electorate to ensure that they meet the high standards of our system of government if they want to serve the people and the citizens of their communities, states and the federal government. Just saying the so-called “right things” is not enough. They need to prove they have the right stuff and they mean what they say.

Then it is up to the electorate to go to the polls and vote and make their voices and concerns heard, loud and clear. Staying home and not voting is a sure bet that the wrong person will get elected to the wrong office and not ensure a better government and way of life for our country.

Right now, the can has been merely kicked down the road to January and February 2014. But we the people can make a difference by electing the kind of people who will best serve our system of government and not the special interests who want to take our country hostage because they can’t always get their way.

Marvin Sands lives in Independence.