A mobile education lab showcase and a state of the district address were some of the highlights at the sixth annual community breakfast for the Blue Springs Education Foundation.

The W.E.E. (Women Endowing Education) Learning Bus, that was displayed in front of the Adams Pointe Conference Center, is equipped with computer pods and staffed with instructors that provide learning opportunities for children right at their front door step. The mobile lab provides a new dynamic to portable learning by visiting Blue Springs neighborhoods.

A record turnout attended the fundraising meal. Nearly $100,000 was raised during the breakfast. “It’s wonderful to have this room full,” stated Katherine Barton, executive director of the education foundation.

Superintendent Paul Kinder reported the state of the school district. He provided an update on the status of potential transfer of unaccreditated Kansas City Public Schools student to area districts such as Blue Springs. Kinder said he recently met with statewide school administrators in Jefferson City, and they proposed a plan to focus on under-performing schools individually rather than entire districts. “It would be a building by building basis,” said Kinder. He said that even though 14 Kansas City schools remain unaccredited, 11 actually are still accredited.

Kinder also informed the community breakfast about the Missouri School Improvement Program, known as MSIP 5. He stated that Missouri has one of the toughest standards in both state assessments and learning objectives. However the scoring guides to grade Missouri school districts to determine if they meet expectations in the MSIP 5 program are being written by economic professors at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Nearly a thousand additional students were enrolled for the 2013-14 school year in the district, despite a decrease in both certified and classified staff.