By The Examiner staff

Voters in Water District 13 approved a revenue bond proposal on Tuesday, one of few ballot issues to win passage in the metro area.

The measure passed with 735 voting yes (62.66 percent) and 438 voting no (37.34 percent).

The approval means District 13 can issue up to $3 million in revenue bonds to expand water mains in its area, which includes some of southern Blue Springs, eastern portions of Lake Lotawana and the eastern boundary of Lee’s Summit.

The bond will cover operation and maintenance costs plus repayment of the principal and interest, according to the district.

Charles Dellario of the district told The Examiner last week that the bond “will allow new water lines to replace piping that has been there since 1960. This will make them more accessible for fire hydrants.”

Dellario said new mains will be 8 inches. Currently mains are either 2 or 4 inches.