Don M Russell


To the editor:

There are more people, especially those older than 18 but under 40, who know more about the participants on “Dancing with the Stars” or “America’s Got Talent” than know any details about the ridiculous, social-driven doctrine of President Obama.

Obama has an ability to speak so eloquently and lie convincingly, so much so that he has a legion of misinformed Americans and an army of devoted, non-interested Democrats who bow to his oratory, blaming any source other than himself for the multifaceted anti-American direction of our country.

Once the Affordable Healthcare Act (another lie in the chosen name) is solidly mired in place, the reality of the Obama Doctrine may hit home with such a deplorably depressing jolt that even those who have held firm to their trust in the Liar-In-Chief Obama will have to relinquish their faith in him.

God bless America, when we will someday be rid of him and return to a sensible America.