Lanna Ultican

Blue Springs

To the editor:

Amidst all the government shutdown drama and problems with the health-care enrollment website, one thing that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention is the fact that millions of Americans will soon have access to preventive health services and all without cost-sharing or co-pay.

These services will change the lives of millions of Americans. For the first time, people across the country will be able to take charge of their health care without worrying about the cost. Children will be screened for autism without co-pay. Pregnant women will receive pre-natal care without the burden of cost-sharing, and women will be able to access contraception and necessary screenings without facing prohibitive costs. These services will now be covered by health insurance.

Yes, there are apparently serious problems with the health-care enrollment website, and those problems should be addressed promptly. But we need to keep our attention on the bigger issue: Everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care.

But none of this matters to the thousands of uninsured people in our community if we don’t spread the word to make sure everyone knows to sign up for insurance through the health-care exchange.