Getting older is hard, especially when you are a senior citizen. This applies whether you are human or animal. Senior animals usually don't get a fair shake. People looking for pets want babies, ignoring the wonderful adult animals and the special seniors.

Our 15-year-old shepherd border collie mix, Joni, passed away in 2010. I still miss her! She was such a joy. I enjoyed my time with her during her senior years as much or more than the time I spent with her as a young adult. I don't understand people overlooking the homeless senior animals. They don't know how much joy they are missing!

Animals Best Friends has several senior animals looking for a forever home that just need a chance.

Pretty Boy is an 11-year-old Chihuahua. His owner had passed away and he ended up in a local shelter. ABF volunteers fell in love with him, rescued him, and placed him in a foster home. Pretty Boy's foster Mom says that since he has settled into his new environment he is a real gem. Pretty Boy loves to snuggle with his foster family and has done well with visitors, even children. He prefers the company of humans over canines. He would make a great addition to the home of empty nesters or a human senior.

Bella is a 9-year-old Chihuahua. Bella was also rescued from a shelter after her owner passed away. Now staying in a foster home, Bella also loves people. She has done well with children, although she is a bit cautious at first. Bella is curious and likes to explore. She is quiet and loving and enjoys being held. Bella would also be a great addition for empty nesters or a senior citizen.

Tori is a 9-year-old Labrador mix with a great disposition and sweet nature. Tori enjoys the company of her caregivers and will sit in your lap if given the chance. She also likes the company of smaller dogs that are beta, as she is alpha. Tori loves her walks with the ABF dog walkers and loves to play ball every chance she gets. Tori would make a great walking companion for an active adult. She would also be a great family dog. She is precious and everyone at ABF loves this girl very much.

If you are looking for a pet to join your family and are willing to give a senior pet a chance please consider one of these kids or another one from the ABF website. Senior pets are so wonderful, loving, and carefree! ABF does two week trials to be sure that the pet and family are a good fit. Applications are on our website at