Gary Hisch


To the editor:

I have read and enjoyed many of Bill O’Reilly’s books. “Killing Kennedy” however, was a disappointment, the main reason being that nowhere in the book was the name Carlos Marcello mentioned. Marcello was known as the Louisiana Mafia head and I believe had motive to kill the president. But before we get into that, let’s talk about the parts of the book I do agree with.

Bill correctly points out that the sinking of PT-109 should have ended with a court martial of Kennedy or at least a strong reprimand. After all, he was asleep at the wheel and two of his men were killed. Bill also writes about Kennedy’s voracious sexual appetite.

Carlos Marcello was deported in 1961, originally by Bobby Kennedy. In fact, he was illegally deported and was later allowed to return and fight the case. Having lived in New Orleans for seven years, I got to meet some interesting people. A few of those interesting people told me that Carlos was often heard saying, “To kill the fish, you cut off the head.” Meaning, to get back at Bobby, you kill the president.

Another name that kept coming up is Jack Ruby. Guess who Jack Ruby worked for and was close with? Marcello. Jack Ruby ran a strip bar in Dallas, and I heard that Marcello even talked to Ruby the night of the shooting.

The only thing that I agree with in the Warren Commission report is that Oswald probably pulled the trigger. If Marcello was behind it, why the coverup? Here’s why. We all know now the mob gave cash to get Kennedy elected. Lots of cash. Probably stealing the election in Chicago. I believe the Kennedys would do anything to keep their name clean. After all, John is gone. Why bring out all the dirt and ruin the future Kennedy name? It’s as simple as that.

As a side note, those who remember the naval blockade and the war of words with Russia – the president came out smelling like a rose, but did the American people? We were never told that we agreed to remove the offense missiles from Turkey until years later. The above is why in my opinion; the truth may never come out.