This year’s fall musical at Truman High School is quite a departure from last year’s drama-heavy epic “The King and I” to a more light-hearted and fun-filled affair.

Truman High School’s “Anything Goes” will make its debut Thursday night at 7 p.m.

“I wanted something totally opposite of what we did last year,” says “Anything Goes” director and Truman theater instructor Ron Meyer. “This is very much a traditional musical and I wanted to capture the essence of performances from yesteryear, particularly the 1930s.”

The comedic tale involves a young Wall Street stockbroker named Billy Crocker who is infatuated with a wealthy debutante named Hope. The beautiful aristocrat is destined to marry an English lord, and later embarks on an ocean liner headed for England while Billy sneaks on board to profess his love for her. On the ship, the lovelorn young man encounters New York’s Public Enemy No. 13, Moonface Martin, and they assume the roles of both a minister and a missionary to avoid being caught.

The production features a pair of performing siblings, Val and Sicily Mathenia, who play Billy and Reno, an evangelist-turned-nightclub entertainer.

“Reno is a big, brassy role and this kind of character is fitting for me,” says Sicily, a senior. “I did this show previously outside of school as a different character and loved it.”

Val, a sophomore, says, “Billy is crazy. I enjoy performing as him. He’s this persistent guy and always gets caught in shenagnians.”

The family duo have a history of performing and hope to continue their passion of the stage after graduation.

Overall, “Anything Goes” is just a good time, according to both cast and the director.

“This is the quintessential musical,” adds Meyer. “I think it is a lot of fun, all laughs and jokes. This production is a colorful show with tap dancing and a live orchestra.”

“Anything Goes” runs from Thursday through Sunday. From Thursday to Saturday, performances begin at 7 p.m. in the Truman High School auditorium. A matinee performance starts at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $7 in advance and $8 on the night of the performances. To purchase tickets, contact Truman High School at 816-521-5350.