Darla Wolters


To the editor:

I was very concerned to learn that a mainstay of the Independence Square will be closing its doors on Dec. 24. How can a presence of 40 years just disappear with hardly a whisper? Isn’t there anything that can be done to halt the exodus of The Craft Shop, a quaint shopping spot in The Emporium on Main Street offering beautiful handcrafted items by Missouri folk, mostly senior citizens?

How many tourists have taken home a knitted baby gift for an expected grandchild, a set of embroidered tea towels, a hand-tooled wooden bowl or an unusual earring set? Those of us with a memory know that The Craft Shop was housed in the courthouse until five years ago when remodeling plans forced relocation, supposedly temporary. It was not invited back when the courthouse doors reopened to show a piece of history in renewed splendor.

It is too bad that a shop run entirely by volunteers must close because no one can be found to manage the shop when the current manager retires. I hope this letter will generate discussion, concern and problem solving in a very timely manner.