An accused murderer wants her trial moved out of Camden County and a new judge.

An accused murderer wants her trial moved out of Camden County and a new judge.

Susan Elizabeth Van Note, 45, the woman accused of killing her father and his girlfriend, appeared in Camden County Circuit Court on Monday, for a motion hearing before Judge Stan Moore. Van Note asked the court to grant her request for a new judge and a change of venue. The motions were filed by Susan Van Note's attorney, Tim Cisar of Lake Ozark.

The court granted a new judge but the change of venue request will not be decided until January 2014. Van Note's case will be transferred to Judge Ken Hayden.

Van Note has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges in the Oct. 2010 deaths of her father, William Van Note, and his longtime companion Sharon Dickson.

Susan Van Note was originally charged with murder in Boone County in September 2012 in the death of her father. Prosecutors alleged Susan Van Note had a power of attorney forged to remove her father from life support. William Van Note, 67, initially survived the shooting attack at his Sunrise Beach residence. He was taken to a Columbia hospital where he was put on life support until his death.

The case transferred to Camden County Circuit Court in September where Susan Van Note was charged with first degree murder and forgery in the death of her father. It was at that time that first degree murder charges were filed in the death of Sharon Dickson, 59.

No charges were filed in Dickson's death until the charges were filed in Camden County. A longtime companion of William Van Note, Dickson died after being shot and stabbed in the same attack that eventually killed William Van Note.

Two friends of Susan Van Note, Desre and Stacy Dory, were charged with forgery and second degree murder in Boone County in accordance with their alleged involvement in the forged power of attorney document. The charges have since been dropped.

Susan Van Note also faces several civil cases involving the death of her father and Dickson.

She is an attorney from the Kansas City area.

William Van Note was an accountant/businessman from the Kansas City area. Dickson had owned a flower shop before retiring. William Van Note and Dickson had been companions for many years before their deaths. The home in Sunrise Beach where the attacks took place was one of several he owned.