DJ and Brittlee Flynn contemplate the eternal majesty of the birth of Jesus Christ who came as a light unto the world. They know from personal experience the magnificence of receiving a son from God, whom they named Wyatt, and being entrusted with the care of a little one while he fills his purpose on Earth. They have a deep empathy for Mary and Joseph and the paths they were wont to travel as they raised the Son of God to fulfill his divine purpose on the Earth.

The Nativity is part of the display on the grounds of the LDS Visitors Center on West Walnut in Independence that came to life at the annual tree sighting event, which took place Nov. 30 under the direction of Elder Doug Brenchley, Director of the Visitors Center. The Mormon Chorale conducted by Alice Beebe sang carols of Christmas accompanied by Larry Beebe, featuring a harp solo by Karen Wouten. Speakers included Independence Stake President Dennis Cato and Missouri Independence Mission President Keyes.