Roger Hershey


To the editor:

The Independence Power and Light Department is wrapping up the complete replacement of the city’s old high-pressure sodium street lights with state-of-the-art LED fixtures. Independence is the first city of more than 100,000 to switch to LEDs.

IPL has calculated that because LEDs use only half the energy of the old lights, the change could reduce the required electricity by more than 5 million kilowatt hours, at a savings of $650,000 a year. LEDs require less maintenance, which will bring another $300,000 in savings.

According to the manufacturer, the new lights could remove up to 31,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, making Independence air safer to breathe. The new fixtures produce a natural white light that increases visibility and makes streets and neighborhoods safer.

Since at least 2007, IPL has been engaged in extended, master-planning efforts that have resulted in a detailed plan of action to increase energy efficiency, improve the transmission system, and most importantly, address the city’s long-term power supply needs. IPL is to be commended for its forward-looking commitment to energy efficiency, and encouraged to continue its economically and environmentally responsible approach as it implements its power supply resource plans.