A few months ago, team captain Sebastien Thinel was talking about Christmas with Dave Pszenyczny and how the team had adopted a needy family in years past through the counseling agency ReDiscover.

“Ryan (Jardine, a former Mavericks player) and his wife Amanda always coordinated that,” Pszenyczny said, “and Sebbie and I were talking, and he said we need to keep doing it, even though Jards isn’t with the team this year.”

So Thinel got in touch with Mike Surprise at ReDiscover, a counseling center that provides names of needy families in Eastern Jackson County, and the tradition continued.

“What was amazing,” Pszenyczny said, “is the things they had on their wish list. It’s the things we take for granted every day of our lives. It makes you realize that there are people out there who really need some help.”

Added Thinel: “We made sure we got everything on their wish list, and we went a little above and beyond. There are a lot of good guys on this team, and we wanted our family to have the best Christmas ever.”

However, Thinel said he had to ask his wife to make a few purchases.

“There were some cosmetics involved,” he said, grinning. “I thought Ashley would do a much better job of shopping for that. And she loved doing it.”

The Mavericks will deliver the gifts this week, and Thinel hopes the players get to meet the six members of the family at a game this season.

“In the past, people from the agency have come to pick up the gifts,” Thinel said, “and that’s what’s going to happen this year. But we are giving the family tickets to a game, and we all hope to meet them that night.”