M. McGrath

Blue Springs

To the editor:

My son died from suicide in 2011. He was bipolar. He had stopped taking his medication. He went to a hospital, where he had been admitted before. He went to the ER saying he was suicidal. He said how he would do it, his plan. But the doctor did not see fit to admit him. Later that same day, he carried out his plan. My son is dead.

I am asking for all of you to write to your state representatives as well as your senators. A new law must be introduced, and I cannot do it without your help. It would state that “if any person is seen in the ER and says he/she is suicidal, they must be admitted, whether they recant or whether the doctor believes them or not. Once it is said, the doctor must admit that person, until the person is safe to be released, no shorter than five days, and cannot sign themselves out against doctors orders.”

Please help me. So far no one is listening to me. Thank you!