This time of year, people often feel the spirit of giving.

This time of year, people often feel the spirit of giving.

But Addie Foust, 5, felt compassion in her giving heart in the summer. On Saturday, she was able to complete her project to give to kids with little to nothing.

“She had wanted to do a lemonade stand for a long time,” said Addie's grandmother, Betty Saferite. “And I asked her what she wanted to spend the money on – She said, way back in the summer, that she wanted to give toys to kids who didn't have toys at Christmas.”

Setting up shop at her home, Addie did everything for her lemonade stand. She poured the lemonade and waited on her customers all by herself.

“She even made a complete list of everything we needed,” Betty said. “But I told her we could probably do without the porta-potties and band-aids.”

After a long wait for Christmastime, Addie went shopping with the $60 she raised that summer day. She chose some toys, specifically a few floor puzzles, because she enjoys those herself. And on Saturday, she presented her donation at the Annual Duke Mason Concert.

“She is such a giving child,” Betty said, “I'm very proud of her. She just puts everyone ahead of her.”
Addie is a kindergartner at Steadley Elementary School in Diane McWilliams' class. Her parents are Steve and Beth Foust, of Carthage.

Betty agreed, Addie's giving spirit is inspirational to all of us.