Christmas Eve was one for the record books.

The National Weather Service, which takes official readings for the area at Kansas City International Airport, says the temperature in the early hours of Tuesday slipped to minus 2.

That snapped a streak of 1,047 days during which the temperature hadn’t fallen below zero. On Feb. 10, 2011, it was minus 6. Most of the state had temperatures below zero that day, and it was the coldest day in more than 10 years for many places.

In the early hours of Tuesday, it was a lot colder just up the road – minus 10 in Kearney, Mo., minus 16 in Trenton and minus 21 in Princeton.

The coldest was Maryville, where a reading of 28 below was recorded – the third coldest in the state since 1894.

For the record, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Missouri is minus 40, on Feb. 13, 1905. Oddly, Warsaw (and Union, Mo.) hit 118 on July 14, 1954, the highest temperature ever recorded in the state.

The Christmas Day forecast has sunny skies and a high each day through Saturday above freezing. It should be clear, and no rain or snow is in the forecast.