I thought it was the best cereal in the world. It's called Puffed Rice, by Quaker Oats Company.

During the 1960s, on every Saturday, my grandfather would shop at the local A&P on South Queen Street. He'd buy both Puffed Rice and Puffed Wheat. I thought of it, as a real treat, since we couldn't afford boxed cereal.

One small sprinkle of sugar and I was in heaven.

Back then, I didn't realize how low in fat, and carbs, Puffed Rice was. In addition, it was sodium free and sugar free.

It didn't hurt that I was young, carefree, and skinny. Boy, do I miss eating that cereal, especially since it was healthier.

As a new year rolls around, it is time to create some new goals, including healthier breakfasts.

Due to aging, stress, and boxed sugared cereal, I've added eating Puffed Rice for breakfast.

Today, I asked Face book friends to share some of their goals for this year.

Lauren posted, “Bake more.” Christina wrote “Be more beautiful and in and out.”

Jennifer shared “Trying to yell less at kids.” New mother Makala wrote, “Slow down and enjoy the moment.”

I reviewed my goals from the past and found this one from 2005.

“I'd like to see my grandson Dallin a couple of times this year. He is rolling over, stretching his vocal cords, cutting teeth, and eating everything in sight. He loves handling anything noisy, especially Christmas wrapping paper. He lives too far away. I miss him.”

Dallin, my Idaho grandson, is now 9 1/2, and yes, I am still hoping for the visits.

Some of my 2014 goals include the following; to grow stronger spiritually, to increase the visits from (or to) the grandchildren and children, to grow a new grandchild, to strengthen my health and wellness through better eating and exercise routines, and to gain financial security.

Before Jan. 1 has passed, we should try to write down some goals for ourselves.

We need to create realistic goals. Better yet, set a series of smaller goals.

We shouldn't try to do, too much too quickly. Giving ourselves reminders helps. In addition, we need to be kind to ourselves.

Most important, set, at least, one goal.

Thomas S. Monson stated, “No plan. No objective. No goal. The road to anywhere is the road to nowhere, and the road to nowhere leads to dreams sacrificed, opportunities squandered, and a life unfulfilled”

Well, I am kicking the new year off today with one simple goal.

Does anyone know where I can buy Puffed Rice?

Enjoy the New Year's holiday and be safe out there.

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at jacksoncountyfamilyweek@yahoo.com or visit www.jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org.