The Jackson County Inter-Agency Council, which connects local health, education and human services agencies in Eastern Jackson County, is about to close.

“It’s been struggling for the last few years,” said Pat Turner, executive director of Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity and, for the last two years, president of the Inter-Agency Council.

“It was just really formed as a support system for a lot of the (groups) to get together and share what’s going on,” Turner said.

A recent directory from the group listed contact information for dozens of local groups across a wide range of interests, including the Boys & Girls Club, the Community Services League, the Hungry and Homeless Coalition, and the Independence Ministerial Alliance. Turner said other groups in the community, particularly school districts, are now doing a lot of the same things the council has done.

“There’s lot of other support systems in the community,” Turner said.

The council’s board meets this month and will most likely vote to dissolve, she said.

The group also has presented an award each spring to a notable citizen. In 2013, it went to Independence City Council Member Jim Schultz.