Make sure you’re right, but for the playoffs Reid says it’s to the point of exhaustion. Win or go home. The Chiefs will need all phases to be right Saturday.

“You’ve worked very hard as a team to get into this position,” says Reid. “Now, it’s important that you exhaust yourself to make sure you’re right. It’s the start of a new season. That’s how the playoffs work. You’re in the dance, as they say. It’s another phase of the season.”

Andy Reid talked playoffs with his team on the plane ride back from San Diego and more Tuesday. One new player, defensive end Mike DeVito, told his teammates about making it to the AFC championship game with the New York Jets.

“Yeah, we’ve been talking about it now for a couple of weeks, like what it’s going to be like and just sharing about the speed of the game and how everything ramps up,” DeVito said. “But you guys know (Dontari) Poe, he’s not really a slow guy, so I don’t think he’ll have any issue. We just continue to share that. That’s really all you can say, how much more exciting it is and the speed and how it picks up.”

On the Chiefs’ 53-man roster 25 players have never played in a playoff game. Jamaal Charles knows what happens in the playoffs to a team that’s not ready to play.

“Oh yeah, I know I went out my first time and I felt like a rookie, and I was excited and I wasn’t careful, I fumbled the ball twice in that game,” Charles said about his first playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens in 2010 and now. “Now going into it my second time and seeing other people, becoming a vet, I’m 27 years old and turning a pro, I know what’s at stake. I really want this, I really want to go far. And I know if I have to put the team on my back, I will. I’m really excited to take this role.”

Charles is glad he got the breather and is well-rested for the Indianapolis Colts.

“Yeah, that was definitely crucial for me to get some rest this week (against the Chargers),” says Charles. “I know what’s at stake this week, so my body feels so good, so going into this week I definitely think my body should be rested up.”

Charles gets it, is healthy and wants to carry his team. Justin Houston said nobody’s ready to go home.

“I think it’s everybody’s mindset. We want to win. Everybody knows it’s playoff time. Win or go home. Everybody’s mindset is we are not ready to go home,” Houston said. “As long as we keep practicing the way we are practicing and everybody is putting in extra work in the film room, we are going to be all right.”

Something to feel good about compared to the 2010 playoffs is that Andy Reid has the Chiefs 6-2 on the road this season, tied with the Denver Broncos for the best in the AFC.

“I think the team has confidence that they can go into another stadium (that is) loud,” said Reid. “When we faced Denver it was loud. This is going to be loud. (We have to) play good, solid football and win games.”

Another bonus for fans – something Chiefs fans haven’t had in a while is confident leadership heading into the playoffs. Sure, Kansas City went 2-5 after the bye, but three of those losses the Chiefs easily could have won, the last one against the Chargers especially.

Where the Chiefs came from winning just two games last year, completely lost and unconfident to the playoffs? Hey, in that 2-5 I still saw a team that is close to beating anybody in the NFL.

Andy Reid is getting Kansas City back to being consistent in the AFC West in short order. Hard to complain, win or lose against the Colts.

I’m pleased with the road ahead for the Chiefs. Ask 99 percent of fans and they’re happy, too – 2013 went better than expected. The one thing I absolutely had to have from both John Dorsey and Reid was a plan, I got that, which was building block No. 1.

The Chiefs are rested up, coached up and ready to roll. Best of all they have confidence. It’s the playoffs; anything can happen

Good day, Chiefs fans!

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